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Title: Lovely House on Pleasant Avenue
Pen and Ink and Watercolor


This is a commissioned custom project used with Pen and Ink and Watercolor. This was a fun project and the customer was really pleased with the final product (as was I). We even added their family pet Ginger.

FullSizeRender (4)_edited.jpg

Title: Chloe & Evie 
Colored Pencil


The pet portrait commission was for a customer that wanted a remembrance of her dog babies after they went to heaven. 

Title: Charlie the Silver Tabby
Colored Pencil on Bristol Paper


This is Charlie, the silver tabby. He is a special friend to my customer and she commissioned a painting to hang on her wall (with the others she requested!).

Charlie Silver Tabby PHOTO.jpg

Title: Blue Birds and Mr. Moose & Cardinal
Pen and Ink with Watercolor 


My customer has a mountain house and asked me for two nature pictures to display. When I asked her what animals and birds she likes, she said the moose, cardinals and blue birds. She was very pleased with the results.

Blue Bird Pen and Ink with Watercolor.jpg
Moose with cardinal.jpg

These are the kissing frogs from my customer's pond. She requested the loving pair be done in pen and ink with watercolor.

Title: Kissing Frogs
Pen and Ink with Watercolor on Bristol Paper


Kissing Frogs.JPG
Kissing Frogs Photo.jpg

Apple Jax Books

I was commissioned to create a logo and illustrations for a customer's book store. To see more of the the collection, click below.

Apple Jax Hedgehog
AJ Books Grand Opening Sign - Copy
AJ Front Door - Copy
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