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Artist Statement

My goal as an artist is to create work that is accessible to young children and adults while resonating with the viewer. I want them to experience what I am conveying without words. I enjoy working with various mediums from acrylic paint, watercolor, pen and ink,  pastels, graphite pencils and colored pencils. My inspiration comes from the works of DaVinci, Van Gogh and Cezanne, as well as Arthur Rackham whose fairytale book illustrations are the true work of a genius in the field.

For as long as I can remember, drawing and painting has always been the way for me to capture my world view and life experiences. The exhilaration of forming an image in my mind and watching it come to life on paper or canvas provides me joy and sense of accomplishment.

Along with being creative, an artist is also analytical, tasked with such issues as to how to catch the way the sunlight bounces off a wine jug on a table, or how to depict the muscles and movement of a horse as it gallops through a lavender field. With the stroke of brush or blending of paint the emotions and feelings I want my audience to experience come to life.

Producing art is a process and there are times of frustration but in working through these emotions I gain insight into myself and often create my best work. There is an intimacy between artist and viewer because the artist leaves behind a piece of who they are in the beauty they create.

“He who works with his hands, and his head, and his heart, is an artist” St. Francis of Assisi."

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